• Our clients always demand the best in the events we organize, that is why we have to count with the collaboration and work of great professionals. AVServicesBarcelona is, without any doubts, one of them.Anna Chavarria, CEO BEcommunicate
  • Our experience with AVServicesBarcelona is simply extraordinary.
    The service they provide is very good. Their seriousness, commitment, flexibility, professionalism and know-how must be highlighted.

    When planning an event, they always have options and alternatives for all kind of assemblies and proposals. They become more than a supplier, a collaborator.

    We trust this company more than any other.Bruno Valenciano, Events Manager at Hotel Barceló Atenea Mar

  • In ILUNION Barcelona we are very satisfied with the services provided by AVServicesBarcelona.

    If I need to ask for props, I have many ways to do it: by via email, for example, they answer immediately to any request or doubt I may have.

    In case of urgency there is a phone line, available 24 hours. If you need to ask for material urgently, their time of response is very short.

    Regarding the way they work, they count with a professional team, kind and willing to collaborate with you in whatever you may need.

    Also they count with a great variety of audiovisual material and with the latest technologies in the market.

    Definitely, I recommend this company a 100%.Sheila Rodríguez Rocha, Public Relations in ILUNION Barcelona

  • oliviabalmes
    Olivia Hotels has the pleasure of counting with AVServicesBarcelona as a regular supplier of audio visual equipment in both the Olivia Plaza and the Olivia Balmes (4 stars hotels in Barcelona). They comply the highest quality standards in every products that we rent. Their efficiency, speed and kindness in all the requested measures stand out. Besides, the technical knowledge that they own, and their recommendations make our events to become a great success that guaranty the full satisfaction of our clients.

    For us, they are the perfect provider because they adapt to our needs all the time.Olalla Muñoz, Olivia Balmes

  • All the events made in the last 6 years have been with AVServicesBarcelona, undoubtedly: due to the quick response within our requested services, the professionalism of the technical staff and the reliability of the equipment and props they offer. Also specially because their empathy and capacity to understand correctly our necessities in each case and for every event.Miguel Pujol, Marketing Director in SMA Ibérica Tecnología Solar
  • Through years of close collaboration with Talisman Group regarding audiovisual solution services, AVServicesBarcelona is a safe bet of trust, vanguard, Excellency, and professionalism. AVServicesBarcelona is the preference partner for the events that we manage.Juan Luis Girona, Director of Talisman Group
  • It is always easy to work with AVServicesBarcelona. Their professionalism, predisposition and adaptability make that the technical matters of every event become a success, no matter how complex the event is. Besides, they have the best technology in the market, making very request possible. The staff that helps during the assemblage, as well as the technician who are present during the events are very professional and highly qualified. These makes their reaction to an unforeseen to be extraordinary. We recommend trusting AVServicesBarcelona, it is no coincidence they have been the audiovisual services suppliers in Pullman Barcelona Skipper Hotel since 2006.JOAQUÍN EGEA, Communication & Marketing at Pullman Barcelona Skipper
  • As the hotelier and service enterprise that we are, we can only have good impressions towards AVServicesBarcelona: a serious and efficient company. They are always aware that times in hospitality services are in many times scarce; and they always deliver in a timely manner. We would like to thank them that we can work together in order for the clients to obtain what they need.Sandra León, M.I.C.E. & Corporate Executive, PETIT PALACE HOTELES
  • Working with AVServicesBarcelona is a warranty. The whole team has an impeccable responsiveness, they understand my needs and execute them with very professionalism and speed. Their quick reaction to any unforeseen or last time necessity, are to be highlighted.Cristina García, Novotel Barcelona City
  • After many years working with AVServicesBarcelona, we could affirm that they are our best supplier, thanks to their humanistic team, and the customizing of their services. Obviously their technical material live up to the demands our client’s high level.Cristina Román, Marketing Manager in Condes Hotels
  • TAfter several years collaborating with AVServicesBarcelona, we can just say that it is the Company in which we trust the most to provide us with audiovisual services and material.
    Their seriousness, commitment, flexibility and promptness in the offering of materials and service is unquestionable.
    Besides, it’s a pleasure to collaborate with their staff, they are kind and always willing to help.
    One of the principal objectives in the hotel industry is to offer the best services to our customers. This can be achieved only with companies that have a philosophy such as the one of AVServicesBarcelona.Noelia García, Events Coordinator, Hotel Barceló Raval 4*
  • AVServicesBarcelona has collaborate with Fundació Suñol for several years. They provide us with audiovisual services, both technical and human. They do it with an extraordinary efficiency, an impeccable treatment and promptness in their service. Fundació Suñol, as a contemporary art museum open to the public, requires their suppliers to give a careful and safe treatment to the space and its contents; AVServicesBarcelona guarantee this sort of treatment in each of our requirements.Jaume Brunet Gerent de la Fundació Suñol (Art contemporani)
  • After working with AVServicesBarcelona Barcelona in the organization of several meetings and events we can confirm that they the quality is guaranteed. Their professionality, treatment and proactivity to propose actions and solutions should be pointed out. Besides, they know how to adapt according to each project’s needs. So keep them coming!Willy Padró Account Director, ADN Comunicació SL
  • We decided to work with AVServicesBarcelona because of their professionality, promptness and agility in their work as well as their highly qualified technicians. In the hotel sector, in which we always have last minute and unexpected events, it’s important to count with professional people that will do their best to cover our necessities. We recommend them without doubts.Mireia Salvador Jefe de Convenciones y RR.PP, HOTEL SILKEN DIAGONAL BARCELONA ****
  • Our evaluation of AVServicesBarcelona’ services is very positive. I definitively have to stand out that all their staff is very kind and professional, and that they have excellent material. We are satisfied to work with AVServicesBarcelona. The exigencies of our customers are covered with their support.Miquel Molina Director A&B/F&B Manager, Hotel Barcelona Princess****
  • I’m delighted to work with AVServicesBarcelona. They are serious, kind, punctual and resolute. And the sum of this is why I considerate them authentic professionals in this area! I would 100% recommend them.Adriana Llorens Noguera Directora Comercial, The GlassRoom
  • We have worked with AVServicesBarcelona for several years and they are a very valuable partner for us.
    Their flexibility and agility not only with our requirements for audiovisual material but also in unexpected events regarding its assembly is remarkable.
    Their professionalism and support in any technical doubt that we or our customers have is also to stand out.
    AVServicesBarcelona is completely recommendable for audiovisual events management.Jordi Conesa CCI Coordinator, Onix Hotels
  • Barceló Sants
    We have been using the services of AVServicesBarcelona for several years. They have high-quality materials and equipment that we use for our client’s events. We trust in AVServicesBarcelona professionals and we feel their support in every moment. We highlight their flexibility to adapt to our last-minute requests. If everything continues like this, we will continue trusting in them for many years. Mario Muñoz Rodríguez, Subdirector, Hotel Barceló Sants
  • Barceló Sants
    Hotel Barceló Sants relied on AVServicesBarcelona a long time ago. It is the perfect Business partner because of their teamwork spirit, their willingness to adapt to our client’s needs and requests, their professionalism, their quick answers when requesting budgets and their technicians’ customer service. We weren’t wrong to rely on them.Gisela Lampert, Events Coordinator Manager, Hotel Barceló Sants
  • Ohla Eixample
    AVServicesBarcelona, always fulfil our client’s needs and requests. Promptness, efficiency and resolution define them.Ana Goas, Grupos y Eventos, Ohla Eixample*****